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Ecoscrapbooking is not a new idea, only a new term. When we look back throughout the history of memory keeping, we see people decorating their scrapbooks with items found around the home and in nature. Scrapbookers of the past weren’t running to their local hobby stores to buy the latest trends in scrapbooking. They utilized their stash, got creative and documented memories.

As scrapbooking became one of the fastest growing hobbies with paper being the primary resource, was born. The site educates scrapbookers about alternative scrapbooking and takes the hobby back to it’s roots of creative stash-busting. To help spread the word further, EcoScrapbooking: Crafty Ideas for Eco-Conscious Scrapbookers was created.

Danielle Hunter, Creator of, put out the call for layouts, edited the submissions and compiled the works together. The result was a collaborative effort among ten scrapbook designers from around the world and features scrapbook layouts with recycled items, along with creative tips to help you become an ecoscrapbooker. Two of the designers, Zaira Sierra and Lisa Troch, volunteered their time to translate the book into Spanish and Dutch.

Take time to study and enjoy the following eleven eco-friendly scrapbook pages. Try the techniques and tips on your own pages, as well as share the knowledge you’ve gained with the scrapbookers you know. Together, we can change how we scrapbook, one step at a time.


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