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Scrapbook about recycling. What better topic for a book on recycling than recycling itself! My son’s school took part in a world record attempt by a local shopping center to recycle a large amount of tinfoil over three months. This layout shows the ball at the shopping center where they collected all the tinfoil.

Get creative and use less paper. This page is created with just one sheet of plain white cardstock. I jazzed it up by misting and stamping through a stencil that I made from an old piece of transparency.

Let it shine! After collecting tinfoil coffee can lids for years (for that one day when) I decided to put them to good use and use them to enhance this page all about recycling. I made a frame from strips of the tinfoil which were folded around a chipboard frame that I really didn’t like and gave it a whole new look and feel. I also used strips of the tinfoil as twirls under the top photos.

Make art. Changing a boring or mismatched chipboard frame into a new work of art by adding tinfoil to it.

Turn plain into fabulous. When all else fails, grab a blank piece of white cardstock (or the inside of an album protector refill), stamp and ink it and then add your photos.

Supplies:  white cardstock, chipboard frame, coffee can tinfoil, black ink, adhesive (glue stick, tabs, Mini Glue Dots), four photos. Layout is 12 x 12″.


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