10 DIOMAR by Zaira Sierra


Diomar ecoscrapbook ebook layout by Zaira Sierra

Integrate minimalism. For many scrapbookers, integrating eco-friendly practices into their art is as important as scrapbooking itself. These scrapbookers are always looking for alternatives to make their art more environmentally efficient and collaborative. To this goal, they aim to integrate one (or all) of the three R’s of environmentalism: reduce, reuse and recycle. One of the simplest ways to integrate eco-friendly scrapbooking is minimalism. With minimalist scrapbooking, the artist decides to use the minimum amount of elements for artistic, financial and/or social reasons.

Make the most of white space. White space is all that space that has no elements in it, “free space” if you will. That un-utilized space is a great element of design that allow the eyes to rest and to appreciate the important elements. And, since it has nothing on it, the use of supplies does not impact the environment.

Turn the title into an embellishment. You can put a highly decorative twist on the layout title and leave everything else rather simple. Use stickers, paper scraps, glitter and other elements that bring a showy look to a specific layout space.

Use the impact of color. Minimalist scrapbooks do not need to be color blind. Use cardstock or printed paper in a bright color as a base or background to compensate for the lack of decorative elements on the layout.

Turn the photos into the rock stars! The simplest way to create a minimalist layout is by bringing attention to the photos themselves. Use an enlargement of those, or place and group them in a way that makes them look bigger than they are. That can really “make” a minimalist page, without the need of extra supplies.

Supplies: yellow cardstock, strap-hinge page base, yellow alphabet stickers, adhesive (Creative Memories), decorative sticker (Mrs. Grossman), two photos. Layout is 12 x 12″.


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