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DANIELLE HUNTER | www.ecoscrapbook.com

Danielle Hunter is a multitasking mom of two creative girls and wife to her hubby of 12 years. She lives in Toledo, Ohio and has been dedicated to crafting since childhood. She launched her scrapbooker-for-hire business in 2007, started blogging in 2010 and recently began teaching classes. Danielle’s focus is on eco-friendly scrapbooking and enjoys getting crafty by turning trash into treasure. She’s in her third year as a Glue Dots Dottess and her past design teams include MemoryWorks and ScrapTiffany.


ZAIRA SIERRA | http://hacerscrapbooks.blogspot.com

Zaira Sierra had always been interested in documenting events and moments of life, but she formally went into modern scrapbooking in 2000, while trying to finish her degree in visual communication (she actually did). She taught scrapbooking classes for seven years back in her native Puerto Rico (when the concept of sketches had not shown into the market yet), and wrote her first scrapbooking article in 2002. In 2006, Zaira started her first scrapbooking blog, Scrapbook Latino, that evolved to become the current Hacer Scrapbooks. (“Hacer” is Spanish for “to make”.) In 2010, she wrote her very first scrapbooking e-booklet for the Spanish speaking market. Zaira now lives in Florida, USA.


LISA TROCH | http://lmtroch.blogspot.be

Lisa Troch is an enthusiastic, creative type: mind running even faster than the body; just trying to keep the head on straight and make the best of everything that is done. From scrapbooking and other crafty projects to teaching and being a great mom, wife and friend, Lisa is dig’n on environmental friendly goods, as well as free and next to nothing supplies. Lisa never stops crafting and one might be able to produce a show about it! She’s lov’n on the whole social network thing with a Facebook page, The-Cherry-On-Top, and her blog.


CATHY SANDERS | http://whatsupwithcathy.blogspot.com

Cathy Sanders is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt, but most importantly a Christian. Her faith is what gets her through all the tough times and helps her to be the person that she is. Cathy has a love of paper that extends beyond scrapping into her other hobby of quilling too. Scrapbooking has become a very important part of her life. From her commitments to three design teams (Scrapbook Challenges, Nuts about Sketches and The Paper Mixing Bowl) to just doing it for plain enjoyment and scrap-therapy (yes, it is definitely cheaper than therapy!!), her layouts are more than just something to do, they are her photo albums. Cathy scraps the everyday things and events and then files them chronologically into very pretty photograph albums that just happen to be 12×12 in size. Cathy has been scrapping for a really long time with all sorts of books and stuff, but only started proper scrapbooking as we know it since 2003 when her best friend introduced her to it and she reluctantly went to a class. Now Cathy is hooked and a bigger addict than most of her friends!

www.juleshollis.comJULIE HOLLIS | www.juleshollis.com

Julie Hollis has been playing with pretty papers since 2002 and currently lives just south of Houston, Texas with her husband and two little guys. Julie loves finding creative ways to make supplies stretch and reach their full potential and usage. What Julie doesn’t use, she will recycle or donate. The layout that Julie is sharing uses scraps and recycled cardboard. One of Julie’s favorite things to do is find ways to re-purpose product packaging and embossing letter stickers to give them new life. Come stop by her site at juleshollis.com any day for tips, tricks and fun, crafty adventures.


ERIN BULLOCK | http://deeplyrootedlife.blogspot.com

Erin Bullock started crafting four years ago as a scrapbooker and has gradually morphed styles from 12×12 papers to mixed media and home decor. Erin works full-time in ultrasound by day and then comes home to two wonderful kids and a stay-at-home daddy in her Kentucky home. You can find plenty of inspiration on her blog and follow her on Twitter at @erinrbullock.


STEPHANIE MEDLEY-RATH | www.scrapworthylives.com

Stephanie Medley-Rath is a scrapbooker and sociologist. She studied scrapbookers for her doctoral research and writes about her study at Scrapworthy Lives. She teaches sociology at a community college. Stephanie lives in Illinois with her family. You can find Scrapworthy Lives on Facebook and Pinterest. Her twitter account, @LearnSociology, is focused on her teaching and sociological work.


RENEE JOY | http://charmsbuttonsbows.blogspot.com

Renee Joy is a proud member of the scrapping/crafting community. She loves to learn and be inspired by others including her family. Renee is married to the man of her dreams and has two children who are young adults. She is very proud of her family and loves spending time with them. Renee teaches scrapbooking and other paper crafts at a hometown craft store. She loves teaching and enjoys seeing her student’s creativity take flight. When scrapbooking, Renee loves to incorporate eco-friendly projects and is pleased to say that she learned this concept from her friend, Danielle Hunter. Renee also enjoys knitting, crocheting and playing the guitar (her very first song was taught by her daughter). She has served on two design teams, Glue Dots and Scrap Tiffany, that have afforded her the opportunity to share her creativity, learn from others and make lasting friendships that she treasures.


ANDREA FRIEBUS | www.andreafriebus.com

Southern California native Andrea Friebus has been married for ten years to her husband Chris, who is a Camera Assistant in the Motion Picture Industry. She is a stay at home mom to their seven year old son, Mason, who definitely keeps her busy. Besides scrapbooking, Andrea loves all things Harry Potter and Star Wars and is completely addicted to Project Runway and Diet Pepsi.

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 JODY SPIEGELHOFF | http://spiegelmomscraps.com

J0dy Spiegelhoff, A.K.A. SpiegelMom, had been stamping and scrapbooking since about 2002 and teaching paper crafting since 2010. She doubles as Brad’s wife and Super-Mom of 5 daughters, while working full time AND making time for her passion. She’s also the proud owner of SpiegelMom Scraps!, Etsy Shop and crop event hostess. Jody personally designs her class projects and teaches simple tips and techniques while guiding her students through the creative process in class. She also loves to incorporate recycled or upcycled items in her projects by utilizing product packaging in creative ways. Jody and Danielle originally connected through MemoryWorks, where Jody is currently serving on their design team for the second year.


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